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Why choose covered car transport?

Car transport options, a quick summary....

So you need your car transporting from A to B? There are many different alternative to how this can be done, how do you choose the best option for you and your car?

It can be done on an open car trailer being towed by a 4x4, pick-up or commercial vehicle which should be fitted with a tachograph. Alternatively, it can also be transported on a multi-car transporter, for example ones you'd see transporting new cars to dealerships up and down the UK.

However, the Rolls-Royce of car transportation is in a covered trailer (fully enclosed)! There are of course many different scenarios why somebody would want to consider using this services.

Covered car transport, otherwise know as enclosed car transport has many benefits. Yes it is a little more expensive, but in the long run it could save you time and money.

Covered car transport protects your investment while it's being transported. Our enclosed trailer will keep it dry, clean and safe whilst being transported.

If you have partly restored your vehicle and you are moving it to a specialist, it is probably best to choose covered car transport as you will not want to spoil of contaminate any of your refurbished parts or bodywork. Our covered car trailer is equipped with an electric winch to assist in loading and unloading your vehicle if it does not currently drive. We also transport many classic and vintage cars for customers who just want to keep their classic in top top condition during transport, protected from stone chips, road dirt and the elements.

Alternatively, you may have just purchased your dream car and it is at the other end of the country. Why not have it collected and delivered in our enclosed vehicle trailer and delivered to your door. This ensures it is still in showroom condition and pristine upon delivery. We've transported many cars from car dealers and are well versed with dealing with all of the paperwork involved when purchasing a new car.

And of course enclosed car transportation also ensures that your car is moved securely and discreetly, away from prying eyes. We also have experience of moving vehicles for customers who have purchased a surprise gift for a partner, child or loved one. The enclosed trailer provides the perfect element of surprise until the very last minute when the rear door is lowered and the car is revealed!

Our enclosed trailer is a ProSporter Le Mans model which was manufactured by PRG trailers in Audlem in Crewe. It has a 5 metre bed and is 2.13m wide by 1.98m high. Browse our gallery for examples of vehicles transported to happy customers across the UK.

Still undecided? Just get in touch today for a chat with Adam about your car and your transport requirements, we're sure we can help and if not we'll always offer you best advice.

Why Choose Covered Car Delivery
New car delivered in enclosed trailer